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SAP Billing and Revenue Innovation Management (SAP BRIM)- Industry examples/use cases

SAP BRIM provides amazing functionalities including Management of Subscriptions and orders, innovative rating and charging, flexible billing and invoicing and a highly efficient accounting. It is targeted as an ideal solution for industries with high volumes of customers, usage based or recurring charging and invoicing.

Therefore SAP BRIM is a perfect solution for industries like insurance, utilities, telecommunications, media, digital publishing, software services as well as public sector.

The following are some use cases of industry models that SAP BRIM supports

  1. Energy and utility industries can offer more than just electricity, gas water etc. Usage records can be ingested inside SAP BRIM using the standard web-services/APIs. Dynamic pricing can be configured and applied on the usage records on a real time rating basis and invoicing can be performed based upon customer's invoicing frequency. Promotions can be rolled out quickly and applied dynamically on the metered usage and the same can be accounted and reported efficiently.

  2. Electric Vehicle Charging stations can use SAP BRIM to be able to charge/bill the usage data on a real time basis. The subscriptions can be created for the customers signing up for the service and the same is accessed when the customer enters the details in the charging station.

  3. Telecommunication industry has been using SAP BRIM extensively. BRIM comes into the picture for Customer's contract, call authorization to call connection and then completing the usage with rating on a real time basis. It is used in both pre-paid as well as post-paid scenarios. SAP BRIM also provides the functionality of invoice consolidation out of the box.

  4. Car Rental industry can use SAP BRIM in automated contract creation and then performing rating as and when the usage data is received from the vehicle. The invoicing can be triggered from the vehicle return event and all the records- usage as well as the fixed rental can be consolidated into one single invoice for the customer.

  5. Managed print services industry uses SAP BRIM extensively. The B2B or B2C contracts for the print services are created as Subscriptions inside SAP BRIM with generic or customer specific pricing that is applied when the usage record is received from the printer when it's connected with the cloud services. The rating can be performed on a real time basis and the invoicing can be based upon the customer's invoicing frequency in the contract/subscription.

  6. High tech/Software industry can use SAP BRIM to manage software subscriptions as well as usage based rating and billing. An example of a use case is that a software service has a fixed monthly charge and it allows unto 100 downloads after which, each download is charged at a particular contracted rate. This is a very simple scenario that can be configured in SAP BRIM. The scenarios in Software industry can span from simplest to most complex and all of them are compatible inside SAP BRIM. Another example is Cloud storage services.

  7. Road Tolling Industry uses SAP BRIM. The use of SAP BRIM spans from vehicle tolling contract based upon plates or transponder lease to capturing, rating and billing the usage. Promotions can be rolled out pretty easily in SAP BRIM making the time to market fast.

  8. Public Transport industry can use SAP BRIM to manage subscriptions as well as billing of usage.

The above are some industry use cases that are amazingly supported by SAP BRIM. Obviously we cannot list all use cases in this document. Please contact with VGenio Consulting by using the "Contact us" section on the web site( to know more about our services and experience with SAP BRIM architecture, implementation, support, business case, fit/gap analysis and more.

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